Youth Blog

News on biodiversity issues affects us all.
The youth of the world are working on amazing solutions. Please visit our blog.

Adoption Challenge!

Try our school
Biodiversity Adoption Challenge

Youth Conservation Efforts

See some amazing projects
by youth teams all over the world.
Macoun Marsh
Project Blue

Environmental Heroes- The Stationary Ark

We would like to introduce you to one of the most amazing and successful conservation organizations in the world - The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust.

Youth Accord for Biodiversity

Youth from across the world have drafted a Youth Accord for Biodiversity that was presented to International leaders and groups at the Convention of the Parties, (COP10), in Japan, October 2010. This accord contributed to the International Youth Declaration on Biodiversity.  See our  Youth Accord.

Welcome to Biodiversity Matters!

Since its inception in 2007, BiodiversityMatters chooses one Biodiversity Youth Initiative to focus on annually. In 2009, we proudly hosted the Second International Youth Symposium for Biodiversity, in Ottawa, Canada.

Last year, we supported the development of a Youth Accord on Biodiversity that was presented at COP 10, in Nagoya, Japan, 2010.

In 2011 and 2012 we are developing biodiversity networks with youth groups and conservation centres all over the world.  Check out our blog here.

The International Youth Accord on Biodiversity is important because it empowers us the youth of the world to speak and have a voice. To have a voice in our future and our children's future. It gives us the right to speak for the world, the environment, and its beautiful ecosystems. It gives a chance to the world's species to survive.

- Eric Gauthier, St-Laurent Academy

Grade 6 student, Ottawa, Canada

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